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Our Approach

Survey Instrument Development

To develop targeted and project-specific questions, we conduct a thorough synthesis of the research provided to us by a client, as well as public sources. In collaboration with the client, we hone the survey instrument to produce actionable data. Sometimes this means an in-depth survey instrument. But for other projects, brevity is essential. In these instances, we design instruments in a surgical manner to get the answers our clients need.

Quantitative Methods

Harper Polling strives for innovation in the rapidly changing industry of public opinion polling, tapping into all methodologies including live operator, automated, online, and text survey methods. Rather than focusing exclusively on one methodology over another, our firm has the capability to match methodologies with each individual client’s needs.

Live-Operator Telephone Surveys

This is the traditional method of surveying that allows us to call both landlines and cell phones to obtain a high-quality sample in an efficient time frame.


Online surveys allow us to reach a wide segment and can also be easily targeted to more- specific audiences.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Automated

IVR Automated surveys are a cost-effective method of reaching landline respondents. Text

Surveys can also be conducted via a secure online platform with respondents from text message solicitation. This can be an effective way to obtain cell responses from harder-to- reach demographics such as younger voters.

Mixed Mode

Mixed mode methodology allows us to combine the previously mentioned research methodologies to obtain the largest sample possible at an efficient price.

Qualitative Methods

Focus Groups

Harper Polling conducts focus groups; President Brock McCleary and Director of Research & Polling Victoria Waddail are RIVA-trained focus group moderators. Focus groups allow for deeper exploration of a particular topic or question and often provide an opportunity to elaborate and fine-tune messaging based on the findings of the survey research. This qualitative methodology allows for open discussion with and observation of a cross-section of the target population. We work with professional research facilities to recruit participants and conduct the focus group.


For each project, our team provides high-level, detail-oriented analysis to help our clients translate data into action. This analysis can range from brief, focused memorandums to extensive independent analysis to presentations for boards or legislators. We work with our clients to provide them the optimal situational product. We approach our analysis from a playbook perspective—here’s where we are, here’s how to get to a win. Our team also has the capability to conduct more complex data analysis, including regression. Regression is a statistical technique which is used to determine which independent variables are most relevant in determining a dependent variable. This can help provide a more complete picture of the process by which voters or consumers incorporate information into their decision- making.