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Our Work


Jim Hagedorn for Congress – We served as the pollster for Jim Hagedorn for Congress (MN-1) in the 2018 cycle. His victory was one of only two Republican takeovers of a Democrat-held seat in the harsh electoral environment of 2018. On the heels of President Trump’s fifteen- point margin in the district, our early General Election polling clearly displayed the district’s pro-Trump leanings. Based on our survey findings, the campaign’s messaging strategy was designed to capitalize on this inclination.

Colorado Statewide Online – Donnell Kay Foundation – We conducted online surveys for an education non-profit in Colorado that was involved in ballot initiative efforts. Colorado’s ballots are notoriously difficult due to the abundance of ballot initiatives. The language of the initiatives is often long and complicated. The unique construct of Colorado’s mail- in ballots, combined with several of these other factors, made this an ideal project for online surveying. Our poll predicted the results of 6 ballot initiatives within 4 points.

Mike Kelly for Congress – Mike Kelly won his seat in the 2010 midterm by challenging a Democratic incumbent and ultimately won the election by 10%. After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court invalidated Pennsylvania’s congressional district map in February 2018, Congressman Kelly’s district was renumbered and made somewhat more competitive. In the midterms we were able to use survey research to gain a baseline understanding and closely monitor the electorate. This allowed the campaign to pivot quickly when the results of a survey showed a tightening race. Based on our research, the campaign deployed a plan and resources and quickly fixed the problem. This proved to be a wise use of resources as Congressman Kelly defeated his Democratic challenger 52-47% in his closest contest since winning his seat.


Civitas Institute – Since 2018 we have conducted monthly surveys for the Civitas Institute of North Carolina. These surveys cover a range of topics including both political and policy- related. This polling series can be viewed here: https://www.nccivitas.org/polling/

PA Partnerships for Children – We have conducted several survey research projects for PA Partnerships for Children on a variety of policy matters including pre-K and child care access.

Financial Services Roundtable – We conducted a large-scale national survey project for Financial Services Roundtable, now the Bank Policy Institute. We surveyed financial advisors on the perceived impact of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule.

Sage Grouse – We conducted survey work for a conservation group about the sage-grouse and sage brush habitats (it’s a bird, for the uninitiated). We found broad support for conservation of the sage-grouse in the American West.


We also regularly conduct research for corporations to help them understand both public opinion about their company as a whole or a new project. This research helps drive product decisions and corporate strategy.

Market Research

Cold Spring BeveragesWe conducted a survey of beer consumers for a beer distributor in Pennsylvania to help gain insight into the purchasing habits of local consumers.

ACCESWe have conducted a series of surveys for the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers to bolster their understanding of third-party energy consumers and their decision-making process.