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Harper Polling is a nationally-recognized survey research firm that explores public attitudes impacting policy issues and strategic decision-making in public affairs. We use proprietary techniques and methodologies to give clients the cost-effective survey research they seek. Our data analysis provides blueprints for moving public opinion and influencing decision makers.

Our Commonwealth Poll

Nearly 1-in-5 Pennsylvania faithful believe Punxsutawney Phil is more accurate in predicting the end of winter than their local meteorologist.

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  • Our Commonwealth Poll 2016

    This year in Harper Polling’s Our Commonwealth Poll, we have burning insights into everything from Pennsylvanians’ favorite salad dressings to their happiness and peculiar regional dialects. Plus, a series on perceptions of professional athletes, construction workers, CEOs and more.

  • Colorado General Election Poll

    Incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet leads Republican challenger Darryl Glenn in the race for Senate in Colorado. Plus findings on the Presidential race in Colorado.

  • Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Poll- 4/21-23

    Our final survey of Pennsylvania’s 2016 Democratic primary election shows Katie McGinty surging to the lead in the waning days of the campaign for U.S. Senate.

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