New York CD-1 General Election Poll
on behalf of the NRCC
September 21-22, 2014

TO:                        Interested Parties
FROM:                 Brock McCleary
Date:                     September 24, 2014
RE:                        Key Poll Findings – New York CD-1

Incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop is in a dead heat with challenger Lee Zeldin in the race for New York’s 1st Congressional District.

Ballot Test

Q: If the election for Congress were held today, who would you vote for: Lee Zeldin, Republican or Tim Bishop, Democrat?

Congressman Bishop garners stronger support from his own party than does Zeldin; Bishop receives 79% of the vote from Democrats while Zeldin receives 70% from Republicans.  However, Zeldin leads Bishop among Independent voters by 11% (44-33%).

Bishop Job Approval

Slightly more voters disapprove (40%) of Congressman Bishop’s job performance than approve (39%).  Among independent voters, Bishop’s job approval stands at 27% approve and 43% disapprove.

Q: Do you approve or disapprove of the way Tim Bishop is handling his job as Congressman?

Generic Ballot

The generic congressional ballot favors Republicans by a 5% margin (47-42%).

Q: In an election for Congress, would you generally prefer to vote for the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate?

The sample size for the survey is 568 likely voters and the margin of error is +/-4.1%. The party affiliation for the sample is 40% Republican, 33% Democratic, 27% Independent.  Cell phone interviews were conducted using live operators and land line interviews were conducted using Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The survey was conducted September 21-22, 2014 by Harper Polling on behalf of the NRCC.  The total percentages for responses may not equal 100% due to rounding.

Harper Polling