Conducted:  May 22-23, 2013
Respondents:  420
Margin of Error:  +/-4.78% 

Minnesota Politics & Public Affairs Poll

On behalf of Minnesota Jobs Coalition, Harper Polling conducted a survey of likely voters in Minnesota.   Looking ahead to next year’s gubernatorial campaign, 41% of Minnesota voters say Governor Mark Dayton deserves reelection.  Forty-seven percent would prefer to give someone else a chance. 

Both men (49%) and women (46%) prefer to give someone else a chance rather than reelect the Governor.  Dayton’s strongest support comes from those 66 years of age and older who support his reelection at 55%.  Those 51-to-65 years are his biggest detractors with only 37% saying Dayton deserves reelection.

The survey found Dayton struggling among independent voters. A majority, 52% of those who do not consider themselves a Democrat or a Republican, prefer someone new as Governor.

Meanwhile, a majority of Minnesota voters give a thumbs-down to the job performance of the state legislature.

Q. Do you believe Mark Dayton has done enough to deserve re-election as Governor or should we give someone else a chance?

 Disapproval of the legislature is highest among men, with 57% disapproving of the legislature’s performance.  Among women, 53% disapprove of the job being done by the legislature, with 27% approving and 20% not sure.  Independent voters overwhelmingly disapprove at 62%.

With state legislative elections often seen as a referendum on the sitting Governor, the survey asked the “motive” generic ballot question.  When voters were asked whether they prefer a “Republican who will be a check and balance on Governor Dayton” or a “Democrat who will help Governor Dayton pass his agenda”, Republicans hold the edge though they fall short of reaching a majority.

Q. Do you approve or disapprove of the job performance of the Minnesota State Legislature?

Republicans do best among male voters, with 46% choosing a Republican check and balance and 36% supporting a Democratic ally of Dayton. Forty-one percent of women say they prefer a Republican check and balance, 36% say they prefer a Dayton ally.  

Q. In general, when you vote for a state legislator, which of the following candidates would you usually choose:  A Republican who will be a check and balance to Governor Dayton or a Democrat who will help Governor Dayton pass his agenda?

Harper Polling