Louisiana Senate Poll

Conducted:  April 6-7, 2013
Sample Size:  541 Likely Voters
Margin of Error :  +/-4.21

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Candidate Image Ratings

Senator Landrieu has a net +6% favorable image with Louisiana voters.  However, her unfavorable rating of 42% is characteristic of a vulnerable incumbent.  Landrieu is strongest among women (52% favorable, 37% unfavorable) and Black voters (80% favorable, 9% unfavorable).

Though still unknown to many voters, Congressman Bill Cassidy has a net +4% positive image.  For a candidate with little name identification overall, Chas Roemer has a decidedly negative image with those voters who do know him (net -13%).

Senate GOP Primary:  Cassidy vs. Roemer

In a hypothetical matchup, Cassidy holds a formidable lead over Roemer.  Cassidy wins among Conservative voters 49% to 19% for Roemer.

(Republicans only, n=195, MOE +/-7.02)

Senate Matchups:  Cassidy vs. Landrieu

Senator Landrieu holds a tenuous 5% lead over Congressman Cassidy.  Landrieu leads among women 50%-33% while Cassidy leads among men 48%-41%.  Among white voters, Cassidy leads 49%-34%.

Among the 38% of voters who describe Landrieu as “Moderate”, she leads Cassidy 74%-17%.  This is clearly the sweet spot in the electorate for the Senator.  Among the 62% of voters who say that the Senator generally “votes with her party leaders”, Cassidy leads her 48%-44%.

Landrieu’s +5% lead is a significant improvement over the Democrats’ -6% disadvantage on the Senate Generic Ballot.  Proof that Landrieu is no pushover even in a mid-term electorate.  In 2008, Landrieu won with 52%.

Roemer fares notably worse against Landrieu, trailing 33%-46%.

Landrieu:  A Closer Look

Like her image, Landrieu’s job approval remains just slightly in the positive with 44% approving and 40% disapproving of her performance.  Opinion breaks neatly down party lines with 62% of Republicans disapproving and 65% of Democrats approving.

Asked about Senator Landrieu’s political persuasion, 38% labeled her "moderate", 36% said "liberal" and only 12% called her "conservative".  Interestingly, 50% of likely voters describe their own views as "conservative".  A full 27% of Republicans and 42% of independent/third party voters view Landrieu as moderate.

While perceived as a moderate by many in Louisiana, Landrieu is not necessarily viewed as an independent or maverick.  Only 9% say that she generally votes against her party leaders while a robust 62% say she typically votes the party line.

The Rest

Below we see why Landrieu remains one of the few Democratic senators to oppose legalizing gay marriage and why she maintains her opposition to Obamacare.  We also shed some light on why she is quick to brand Cassidy with the “tea party” label.

The mood is sour in Louisiana these days.  Only 25% of likely voters say the state is headed in the right direction.


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