Heavy.com- Clinton vs. Trump: Who leads Battleground State Polls Nov. 7?

by Jessica McBride | November 10, 2016
One of the most recent polls in the state, by Harper, found the race was a tie.

It’s almost over. On November 8, America will have a new president-elect.

Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? It’s been an unusual presidential election year, to say the least. Heightening the drama: The battleground state polls have tightened fairly dramatically in the past week. Both candidates have plausible paths to victory. (See a state-by-state breakdown of recent polls and polling averages for November 7 below. It was updated 5:45 p.m. central time on November 7.)

Pennsylvania would be a critically important pick up for Trump. In fact, if Trump can take Pennsylvania, it could secure the election for him. Clinton currently leads an average of 1.9%, down from 2.4% in the state just the day before.

That’s in the margin for error of most polls, and one of the most recent polls in the state, by Harper, found the race was a tie. 

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